Is it necessary to offer a tip to delivery guys?

It has become a common act to provide tip when they were serviced, however still most of you would have confusions and struggle in debate are you supposed to tip furniture delivery? The real fact is tipping is a sign of gesture to appreciate a great service offered by the people beyond their duties. In such cases the tip becomes an essential one, however, when it comes to delivery tips it is truly based on the service provided to you and depending on the situation of delivery. However, when it comes to tips you can also have a range scale for each service that was offered to you. Need to know the detailed about it just continue further and grasp all info.

How much you can tip the delivery guys?

Even though there are several services are offered to people when it comes to the delivery service first thing that arises in mind is are you supposed to tip furniture delivery?

If it is so then how much can be offered to the delivery guys? In real facts when compared to all delivery services, the furniture delivery needs more attention and deserves to have a tip for their service. It is mainly because the furniture delivery guys only have a portion of the delivery fee. So, if you serviced with any sofa, cabinet or any other delivery it is better to tip the delivery guy with a maximum of $10 which help them lot. If you are still confused then you can follow the tip scale listed below.

  • Small furniture delivery – $10 max
  • Heavy furniture delivery – $20 Max
  • Movers $10 – $20
  • Other delivery guys – $5-$10 Max

Based on the delivery service, experience, situation, weather, package handling you can offer the tip to the delivery guys as a token of appreciation for their work.