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How Can You Get GTA 5 Over Android? Proven Ways of Playing on Computer

Mobile GTA 5

There are not a lot of action-adventure games, which bring the organized crime in life and Grand Theft Auto. This game paints the picture what we generally see in the movies like The Godfather, Scarface and Heat. However, the main challenge is how you can get and play the game of GTA 5 on your Android phone at Mobilegta5? It has been impossible for many people over years. We have found the solutions to this problem and present this to you in simple and comprehensible post. Here I will show you what you would like to know about the GTA 5:

What’s GTA 5?

Instead of the boring description of the game, you know, allow me to shock you with numbers: Among 7 Guinness world records that are broken by the GTA V on release; this smashed record for fastest video game and making profit of over $1 billion in the sales.

Mobile GTA 5

  • You will get to be mob boss of the city of Los Santos.
  • GTA V is the action-adventure game that brings you in world of the organized crime.
  • In the GTA 5 game, you are allowed to switch the game between 3 lead characters during the mission.
  • You may play this game from third and first-person perspective.

GTA V isn’t available on Android!

Reasons aren’t far-fetched. However, you need to continue reading to know more. You will be really glad to find out that there are many ways around the problem. Here is the question that needs definite answer.

 Why can’t you play GTA V on your Android?

The android phones have generally evolved over years. The latest versions make use of Android Pie or Oreo operating system. The new-age phones generally come with the built-in RAM 8 to 16GB. They also run on eight processing cores and more. Have you heard about NanoCore or OctaCore? The Android phones will run on these now. In spite of impressive growth in the Android phone development, still they are not nicely equipped to run the games such as GTA 5. Reasons why there is not any GTA 5 on Android are too evident:

  • GTA file size is 72 GB!
  • The game is played best on the system running Intel Octa processor with RAM 8GB
  • Game graphics are a lot for processing power of the phone
  • GTA V needs dedicated card memory space around 2GB for playing.