Fake short hairstyles

If you have long hairs and want to enjoy short hairstyles then it is not necessarily impossible for you. There are several fake short hairstyles that you can do easily without much hassle. And the best part of these awesome short hairstyles is that no one will ever know that you do not have short hairs. There are some events and places where you cannot mix with the crowd in long hairstyles. Long hairstyles looks good in ethnic events, but for corporate events or award functions short hairstyles are much more preferred.

awesome short hairstylesSo are you going to cut and grow your hairs again and again according to occasions? Of course not, this is because your hairs wont regrow that fast. Celebrities and television artists also use these fake awesome short hairstyles tricks in order to change their hairstyles according to the movie or show in which they are playing a certain character. So if you want to follow your favorite celebrity and want to fake a short hairstyle for an event here is a simple tutorial.

Fake short hairstyle easy tutorial:

It can be tricky to fake a short hairstyle and many a time’s people opt to visit a salon for that purpose. Here is a simple and easy to follow tutorial to get the perfect fake short hairstyle. This is a cool way to flaunt your short hairs and the best part of it is you need not touch your long hairs with a scissor at all. Also it does not include the use of any sort of expensive products or instruments.

  1. You must divide your long hair into multiple thin strands. Use a fixative as a spray on these strands and allow drying. Wrap your hairs with a curling iron.
  2. Use a fine tooth comb and then shred small sections of hair with the tip moving towards the root. This will help in creating a light volume too.
  3. Again divide the hairs into small sections and separate them and wrap the ends of your hair to the neck height. Use a staple to secure the sections. Using a staple of the same color as your hair is important.
  4. Do final touch up and use a hairspray to keep it in fixed position.