How can we help poor people?

Mariyam Dawood


This is one of the easiest and most economical ways to help the poor. You can channel your energy to help the poor in different ways. For example, you might think about helping the poor by volunteering in a charitable organization that serves the poor. You can really do this without asking for payment. You can decide to build a shelter or help create some projects that will help those in need. This is considered very useful because you can communicate with people. You can also voluntarily offer the experience you need to teach the poor how to deal with this vice.

Mariyam DawoodThrough donations:

This is one of the methods commonly used today to help the poor. It is very popular because poor people from different regions of the world can get help. Donations can be sent through charities that help poor people. Donations can be through goods, services or money, and can be spent online or through packages.

Through charity walks:

You can decide to organize a charity walk to raise funds. You just need to invite all the friends and people with the same heart who can walk the streets of the main cities to raise funds. This may also include the organization of some events, such as a marathon, football matches and other game events. The money received from these events can be used to help poor people. This method has gained popularity in the recent past through Mariyam Dawood. You can invite very famous people who act as crowds of collectors.