How feeding baby with hiccups can be helpful?

Hiccup can be described as the contraction of the diaphragm of a baby, which are normally involuntary, paired with larynx contraction as well as complete closure of the glottis. This condition can be dangerous for your child, which should be cured within 1 to 2 hours.

What triggers a hiccup in your baby’s body?

At present, the cause of the hiccup cannot be determined. There is a lot of theory for the cause of hiccup. One of the most common cause is the pressure of the diaphragm, especially while feeding your baby. Also, feeding baby with hiccups can be dangerous and can be good.

Things to try when your baby having a hiccup

In the present time, whenever your baby has a hiccup, there are several things that you can follow to cure it. These things would definitely give you a good result. Here are some of the things which you can do to cure your baby’s hiccup-

  • Bottle feeding- You can have your baby feed with the help of a bottle tilting it at an angle of 40- 45 angle. This technique is preferred because the air would rush down to the bottom and would have no chance to go out of the milk.
  • Small frequent meals-Feeding your baby is a widespread activity that would happen before a hiccup occurs. The parent should try to increase the number of times your baby would eat, decreasing the consumption of every session. Feeding baby with hiccupscould be helpful.

In the present time, if you are child are facing the hiccup problem, then you should take help of doctors, or you can perform some ways to cure it. It includes bottle feeding with an angle of 40 – 45 angles or providing your child with small frequent meals a day.